Black Stars Paled Stripes (From endless depravity)
Das Menschenvolk (From endless depravity)
: Invasion`44 (lyric video)
Goddamn this love (Grim love)
Thulsa (Grim love)
: Goddamn this love
Silent impact (Origin of Zed)
Calling the chosen (Origin of Zed)
March for a dying god (Monuments will enslave)
Dissolved into dust (Monuments will enslave)
: March for a dying god (lyric video)
As we create the hope from above (As we create...)
Atum/Conqueror of chaos (As we create...)
: As we create the hope from above

A reckless dream (The worst second)
Mickey and Mallory (The worst second)
: Friend / Threat : The worst second

Nemesis (Nemesis)
Existence in obscurity (Nemesis)
Fluessig und Geil (Hellcatraz)
Hellcatraz (Hellcatraz)
Coniux Nero (In alle Ewigkeit)
Schwarzer Schleier (In alle Ewigkeit)
: Behind the scenes

Opus I am Höllentore (Schwertzeit)
Allvaters Traum (Schwertzeit)

Expect no mercy (Prime Suspect)
Revelation song (Prime Suspect)
Wolf (Wolf)