"Monuments will enslave" LPs:
The time has come!
All vinyl versions are available out now!


"Monuments will enslave" LPs:
Yesterday we got the following info, from our press shop:
"Due to the currently extreme capacity utilization, the production can be delivered at the earliest beginning to mid-June."
Unfortunately we have to move now the release date for the LPs once again. As a precaution, we are now moving to the 23.06.2017.
If the LPs arrive earlier, we will of course deliver them sooner!

We sincerely apologize and thank all
previous customers for their patience!!!


"Monuments will enslave"
The limited box-set is complete and available out now!!!


The new album "Monuments will enslave" is available from Friday!
Unfortunately the delivery of the limited box will delayed by a few days since still not all parts of the contents were delivered. Once the box is complete, we will deliver it as soon as possible!


"From endless depravity"
All vinyl versions are available now. Look in our shop!!!

The lyric video for "March for a dying god" is online!!!

Release of the new album "Monuments will enslave" will be 03.03.2017. From now on, we have again 2 tracks of the the upcoming album for you, for free download, in our "Media" section. A lyric video will follow.
Have fun with it!!!


Because bottlenecks in production, the release of the LP must be shifted a bit further. We have the assurance of our press company that we have the finished copies at the end of January latest. New date is therefore the 10th of February 2017.
We thank you for your forbearance!

15 Jahre AAP Show

It was a great party, last Saturday!
Thanks to the participating bands, crew, helpers
and all loyal fans who support their scene!!!


It took a long time! But now we can present the cover to
"Monuments will enslave":

The release date will be announced within the next days. Stay tuned!


From now, you can download 2 tracks and the Lyric video
for "Invasion`44" from the upcoming Album.
As always for free. Have fun!!!


Also Maat is going forward! The working process is almost done,
so we can start to plan the release.
The new album "Monumets will enslave" will be released
in spring next year. A worthy successor to "As we create…"!!!


After long discussions Brutal Unrest had decided not to extend their conract with AAP. The new album "Trinitas" will be released by Hammerheart Records in the beginning of 2017.
We separate in friendship and wish Brutal Unrest good luck on their way.


The works on the upcoming album "From endless depravity" are done. The CD will be available from 04.11.2016.
Unfortunately the production and delivery of the vinyl will be delayed.
So the release for the LP's is shifted to 23.11.2016.
For all vinyl fans it will be the christmas album.

16.09.2016 15 YEARS AAP!!!
04.08..2016 XTERNITY
  The work on the new album progressing well.
The recording is done and Mr. Andy Classen will be busy with the mix and mastering now. This promisses a high quality production.The eypected release date for the album "From endless depravity" will be november 4th 2016.


  The new album is finished!
Unfortunately the release will be delayed, caused by cover and layout issues. So you still have to patient a bit.
01.03.2016 NEW SIGNING
  We welcome XTERNITY in our ranks!
After their successful debut "Expulsion into depth", now their second album will appear at AAP this year.
We are looking forward to a good cooperation!
10.12..2015 MAAT

MAAT have completed the studio working on their new album.
More info, title and release date will follow soon ....



07.09.2015 GRIM VAN DOOM

The debut album "Grim Love" is from Friday, 09.11.2015 available in all good shops !!!
For those who can not wait, Sludgeworm present for one week an exclusive album stream. Get the link:



25.06.2015 MAAT

In november they will go in the Soundlodge Studios to work on their second album with Jörg Uken.
6 Songs are already written and two others in progress!!!



20.06.2015 ORIGIN OF ZED

on the 19.09.2015 live, with DESTRUCTION!!!
at From Hell, Erfurt:

30.05.2015 MAAT

For the first record anniversaryv they had released their self-produced video clip to the theme song "as we create the hope from above".
Have fun with it:




..had sign their contract with us. Our family continues growing!!!
The album "Grim Love" is already recorded.
Here's the trailer:
More information and the release-date will follow.

20.02.2015 MAAT

Bring MAAT on the Inferno Festival in Norway!!!

24.10.2014 MAAT

co-headlining at

All dates you find in the register "Live"!!!

20.10.2014 NEBELSTILLE

Due to irreconcilable differences between band and studio, can the recordings for the upcoming EP "Curse of the Raven" currently not be completed. Therefore we have decided, to move the release date this time without exact date to the beginning of 2015. Sorry, to all fans which are waiting - but "what takes a long time, will become good!!!"

31.07.2014 ORIGIN OF ZED

Mistake fixed!
From now the Digi version can be delivered, too.
Thanx for your patience!!!

22.07.2014 ORIGIN OF ZED

The album is ready to start!!!
Unfortunately we had to find out that the blooklet, of the digipak version, has got two printing mistakes. We had arranged the reprinting immediately. Now we must change all booklets. Because of that the delivery is delayed about one week. We say SORRY and hope for your understanding!!!

10.06.2014 ORIGIN OF ZED

Everything is going as planned. From now on we present you again 2 tracks previously for free download.
Have fun with it!!!

28.04.2014 ORIGIN OF ZED

...had finished the work on their same named Album.
The Release Date is 25.07.2014. More information and tracks will follow soon. Look forward to one more fat sound!!!

26.04.2014 MAAT

02.05.2014 Release-Show at Blackland Berlin!!!
Just there incl.CD-Presale!!!


We are glad to welcome ORIGIN OF ZED!
They ar playing an very interesting mix between 90's Thrash/Death-sound
with modern elements. Their same-named first album will be released in the first half of this year. More informations will follow...

08.03.2014 MAAT

Release date of "As We Create The Hope From Above" is:

17.02.2014 MAAT
  The album "As We Create The Hope From Above" is ready and will
expected to appear in late May.
As of now, we have again given in advance 2 tracks for download for you. Have fun with it!
21.11.2013 MAAT
  ...and again a new "horse in our stable".
Maat (Egyptian Style Death Metal) has signed contract with Aural Attack.
The Album "As we create the hope from above" is already recorded.
First information you'll find at www.facebook.com/Maatoffical.
Release date and free downloads will follow.
24.09.2013 NEBELSTILLE
  Also with Nebelstille it goes on. After a protracted break because of health problems, they are in the studio again and work on an E.P. which will expected appear in the end of the year advance to the new album.
25.06.2013 THIS AINT LIFE
  As a small thank you for supporting THIS AINT LIFE at the Rock am Ring voting we set free 2 videos for download.

THIS AINT LIFE: Voting closed
According to the Ringrocker judges had T.A.L. reached the seeding 6.
There the KILLERPILZE probably had the bigger background. ;-)
So it was unfortunately not quite enough.
Nevertheless, a big thanks to all that had supported us!

19.04.2013 Bring THIS AINT LIFE to ROCK AM RING 2013!!!

Out of over 300 candidate T.A.L belongs to the 50 best Bands, that take part in the "Ringrocker"-Voting.
Now YOUR vote is critical to bring them to the 5 finalists, who will play on 25. May 2013 at Matrix (Bochum) to battle for the place at Rock am Ring.


THIS AINT LIFE "The worst second"

22.01.2013 THIS AINT LIFE:
Studio works completed!

The album "The worst second" is finished!
2 free advance tracks for download are now available HERE!
02.01.2013 THIS AINT LIFE:
New release date!
"The worst second" will arrive (if everything works) at 22.02.2013.
We thank you for your patience!!!
01.01.2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
12.11.2012 THIS AINT LIFE:
Release postponed!!!

T.A.L. had recorded their album "The worst second" completely.
Unfortunately it comes to delay because of  health problems.
After consultation with the band we decided to postpone the release date (Shame! The date was so good!!!)
We all think it wouldn't make sence to finish the album, at expenses of the quality, in all haste.
At this point, we wish Andy (Heday Studio) to get well soon and wait until he is fit again. 
Well, who is still alive after the 21.12.2012 can look forward to an awesome album for the time after!
About the exact date we will inform you soon.
7.11.2012 Brutal Unrest:
Because of the very positive reaktion onto the vinyl we will additional publish 2 colored versions!
Version 1: black / red splatter vinyl (200 copies)
Version 2: transparent / flaming vinyl (100 copies)
Both versions will appear including CD!!!
Release is 30.11.2012


Vinyl available!
Also the "Nemesis" vinyl edition is available now


We did it!!!
Brutal Unrest - "Nemesis" stands in the shelves in time. 
Merely with the delivery of the vinyl ist comes to one week delay because of production problems.


Brutal Unrest: The Release-Date is certain!
Their new album "Nemesis" arrives at 12.10.2012. 
2 tracks are available for free download now.


Also THIS AINT LIFE are at the studio now to record their new album!


Brutal Unrest have concluded the studio work for their new album "Nemesis"
2 Tracks are soon available for free download. 


We welcome THIS AINT LIFE and hope for good cooperation!
Information at www.thisaintlife.de!


The AAP-Family gets growth!
More information soon...


Brutal Unrest are in the Studio!
The guys record their new album. More information and songs follow.