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ORIGIN OF ZED was founded in 2008 by Z.K. and quickly evolved to a 4-piece band. Shortly after the release of their first demo, the band formed the lineup that is consistent until today.
The inseparable trademark of the band, a conceptual comic-story about 4 alter egos and their eternal foe ZED, is developing with every recorded song and its related lyrics.
To support the atmosphere of the story, the band is consequently mixing its death/thrash metal sound with heavy, progressive or even black metal elements.
ORIGIN OF ZED can look back on numerous club and festival gigs with bands like Disbelief, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, The Black Dahlia Murder, Grave or Kataklysm.
In 2014, ORIGIN OF ZED will release their first full-length album under the flag of Aural Attack Productions.

Stand 2014


2011 "Speed of Light", Demo
2014 "Origin of Zed", DigiCD, CD, LP (Aural Attack Productions)