Tjelfe (key)

Sturm (git)

Loki (vio + cel)

Lordaeron (voc)

Ave (voc)

Misan (bg + voc)

Balrog (drums)


In autumn 2004 the basic idea for the Band originated under the name Herbstleyd. Misan ans Sturm wrote the first songs. By steady occupation changes it became for the time being quiet around the project.

In winter 2006 Balrog brought the samples to life again. Finally the founders had found somebody who have the same target like them. With every new member the style trend were more and more clearly. With Ave there was a woderful female voice found. There was a change in the line-up, too. Lordaeron, who was the keyboarder since 2006, became the singer of the band. Misan who was the singer so far, began to sing only the background vocals. With Tjelfe was a keyboarder found who known how to deal with the rough sound. At last Loki was added with his cello.
Together the name "Nebelstille" was originated.

Nebelstille know how to work with differnent styles of music. They always try to connect the Gothic/Doom Metal from the early 90's with modern Black and Death Metal. In spring 2009 they signed their deal with AuralAttack Productions and went into the Red Pack Studios to record their first album "In alle Ewigkeit".

Status 2009


2009 "In alle Ewigkeit... " DigiCD, CD (Aural Attack Productions)