Andraas (drums)

Tard (bg)

Christoph (git)

Sam (git)

Anne (key + flute)

Nidhöggr v. Walde (voc)


Minas Morgul is a sixmember band from Frankfurt (Oder) which play rough Pagan Black Metal.

The Band was founded 1997. This time the members of two bands (Mornag/Tatarus) decided to work together. Also a bassist and singer was found after some time. Now they could start to work an their old and new songs.
Until march 98 seven songs where done and they recorded a Live Demo called „First Battle“. This life recording was reproduced and gave away to known and friends.

Towards the end of september 98 the band had decided to release their demo „The Dark Age Of Relevation“. They got very good resonances and was sold 450 times.

In august 99 they part with their keyboarder, who could replaced soon.
In the next time there where nearly 30 shows with bands like Dunkelgrafen, Riger, Centinex, Golem, Harmony Dies und Saxorior.
In july the band decided to go into the studio and record the MiniCD "Das Dunkle Reich Des Paganlords".

Status 2001
1998 "First Battle", Demo
1998 "The Dark Age Of Revelation", Demo
2000 "Das Dunkle Reich Des Pangalords", CD
2001 "Schwertzeit", DigiCD, CD (Aural Attack Productions)

2006 "Todesschwadron Ost" (Black Attakk)

2007 "Aus Blut gemacht" (Heiden Klangwerke)

2008 "Schildfront" (Twilight-Vertrieb)

2009 "Eisengott" (Heiden Klangwerke)