Tempest (drums)




Founded in November 2009, MAAT was only an idea of the guitarists Scaradeus and Felix. An Idea to combine Death Metal with the ancient Egypt!
With the first complete LineUp it took the band into studio to record the first EP "Born In Sand" which was released in October 2010.
Because of musical differences Friedel and Felix decided to leave MAAT shortly after the release.
Fortunately Maat could win a worthy replacement with Alex (guitar) and Horus (bass) in early 2011.
In April of 2013 the first longplayer „As We Create The Hope From Above“ could be banned onto CD in the Soundlodge Studio which will be released in the beginnig of 2014 after a long search for a label, wich we‘ve found in Aural Attack Production. Alex has left the band after the recordings cause he did had that much time in the future. At that point Morguloth (guitar) was already involved in MAAT and replaced Alex after a short time of induction.

Stand 2014


2010 "Born in Sand", Demo
2014 "As we create the hope from above" CD, LP, Boxset
(Aural Attack Productions)