Alexander (git)


Dennis (drums)


Tommy (voc)


Brutal Unrest was formed in the summer of 2002 with the intention of playing brutal Death Metal. After creation of several songs and some further concerts the time was right to record the first demo-album: “No Light No Hope Eternal” was released in early 2006. Following this, Brutal Unrest continued to impress audiences by their live appearances, which always gathered a great response. 

In 2009 Brutal Unrest signed a deal with Aural Attack Productions and entered the Sound of Steel Studio to record their second album: “Hellcatraz” was released in late 2009. After this founding member Torben Wegner (drums) left the band. Immediately after Dennis Thiele (drums) and Alexander Hilla (lead guitar) joined the Band. 

In early 2012 Brutal Unrest entered the cryptic realms of Catacomb Productions and recorded the third album “Nemesis” which was released in September 2012.

Status 2012
2006 "No Light, No Hope, Eternal", Demo
2009 "Hellcatraz", DigiCD, CD (Aural Attack Productions)
2012 "Nemesis", DigiCD, CD, LP-CD, Boxset (Aural Attack           Productions)