Tom (git)

Dominik (drums)

Frank (voc)

? (bg)


REPULSE is the new synonym for Hardcore – brutal and intense. A new definition for hardness, strength and rage. A new way out of the old Hardcore style.
They know how to connect good hardcore with a lot of rage and metallic guitar riffs. Conspicuous is the ease with wich they do all the fastchangings without loosing the aggressiveness.
Repulse are Frank (voc.), Tom (git. back-voc.) and Dominik (drums) who where successfull with their former bands. With Repulse they found their dream sound.
They played very good concerts in Germany. So they had supported some representatives of the Punk and Hardcore scene. For example WHITE DEVIL, CAUSE FOR ALARM, RYKERS, TROOPERS and EARTH CRISIS.

Status  2002
1998 "Beastmilk", CD (Snoop Records)
2000 "Upright Down", CD (Self Release)
2002 "Prime Suspect", CD (Aural Attack Productions)