Maik (git)

Sven (voc)

Daniel (bg)


Hendrik (git)


Bombthreat was founded in 1997 by Maik Siegesmund and Matthias Wiehle. Together with Christian Behrens and Daniel Jöhring was the band recording their first demo „The last warning“, with which the first attention could be got attracted. In may 1998 they went into the LXound-Studio for recording „The Eternal Curse“. On it was a fast and aggressive Death/Thrash Metal to hear.

There followed some completely successful gigs and they strengthed their name in the underground.

But Christian and Daniel left the band, there for Sven Schimmelpfennig and Daniel Seecker came. To become musically still different, they took Hendrik Malkowsky for the second guitarist in the Line-Up.

Bombthreat prepared for recording their first CD. „Wolf“ was recorded in summer 2000 and schows the band from an other site. They where more varied and aggressive.

After that, Daniel Seeker left the band, while Clemens Frank (HIDDEN IN THE FOG, BLOODSHED) supported the band at live shows.

Status 2000

1997 "The Last Warning", Demo
1998 "The Eternal Curse", Demo
2000 "Wolf", MCD (Aural Attack Productions)

2005 „The past is still a-live + bonus“ (Self-Release)

2007 „Breeding ground of war“ (Self-Release)

2008 „S:M:F- Live EP“ (Self-Release)